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The Access course has been specifically designed to meet students’ needs. It will support them as they leave school by improving functional skills, while preparing them for future independence and employment. By further developing and improving their existing skills, the Access course will give them more confidence, self-esteem and greater independence. The Access course provides students with an opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications at Entry Level, including an ASDAN Personal and Social Development qualification. This qualification consists of 15 units covering a wide range of valuable and relevant everyday skills, such as:

  • working as part of a group
  • managing your own money
  • preparation for work
  • healthy living
  • developing self
  • dealing with problems in daily life


Most importantly, the Access course may give students the opportunity to progress to further qualifications, employment or training. Improving functional skills, (literacy, numeracy and ICT) is essential and fully integrated into all aspects of the course.


Functional Skills


Develop skills in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • listening


Develop number skills in realistic and relevant situations. These include skills such as:

  • time and money
  • weight and measurement


Valuable qualifications can be gained in these essential skills and will enable students to progress further.


Further develop your knowledge of new technologies using a practical approach:

  • Microsoft Office, eg Word, Outlook
  • Using different software packages
  • Using the internet more effectively


Practical Skills

The Access course also offers students the opportunity to sample a range of practical subjects, such as:

  • painting and decorating
  • cookery
  • horticulture
  • motor vehicle engineering
  • craft skills
  • creative art
  • sport
  • enrichment activities


Work experience

There will be opportunities for students to carry out a short and realistic work experience as part of their attendance on the Access course. They will continue to be supported and monitored by staff while on work placement.


Educational visits

Much of the Access course is delivered in a practical and realistic setting, therefore students will make frequent visits to sites and locations in and around the local community.


Further Skills

Personal and social development

Personal and social development is developed through a range of course units:

  • Working with others: working with others will develop skills in working with people in one-to-one and group situations.
  • Problem solving: problem solving will develop the skills needed to solve problems in real-life situations.
  • Preparing for work: preparing for work will develop personal and practical skills needed to get a job and to work safely and effectively within the workplace.


For more details or how to apply, please contact Lindsey Hutchins

Additional learning support

As part of the student’s programme of study, if a grade C/4 or equivalent in mathematics and English language has not been attained, they will be required to study a Functional Skill or GCSE in these subjects.

Students may require additional support for a number of reasons. At the start of the course students will be asked to complete an initial assessment in order for us to identify any additional needs that they may have. During the course, personal tutors will be able to guide students on how best to access support.

We can offer the following:

  • Progress Coaches
  • Learner Support assistance (1:1)
  • Learner Support assistance (group)
  • Learner Support assistance (drop-ins)
  • Specialist ESOL teaching
  • Study lab sessions
  • In-class support
  • Special arrangements for exams