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Apprenticeships in Guernsey

As a result of extensive consultation with our partners over the last two years, exciting developments are happening to apprenticeships across the Bailiwick. Further information for current employers who are working with us under the States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme, can be found here.

More information will follow in due course.

States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme

Thousands of islanders have successfully trained for rewarding careers through the States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme. The scheme has been in existence for almost 70 years and with an annual enrolment of over 70 new apprentices and with over 500 registered employers, the scheme is integral in providing training opportunities for new employees to become skilled tradespeople.

Apprenticeships currently running at Guernsey College:

CONSTRUCTION                          ENGINEERING

– Plumbing & Heating                                    – Welding & Fabrication
– Carpentry & Joinery                                    – Mechanical Engineering
– Electrical Installations                                – Motor Vehicle Engineering
– Trowel Trades/Stone-masonry
– Painting & Decorating
– Built Environment


– Hairdressing                                              – Electronics (Central Sussex College)
– Hospitality & Catering (Chef)                 – Panel Beating & Paint Spraying (various options available)
– Work-based Horticulture                        – Jewellery (variety of short courses)

What is the Apprenticeship Scheme?

The States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme allows people to earn a wage at the same time as gaining qualifications relating
to their job. The scheme encompasses many vocations (see lists above)

Courses differ in their delivery patterns, and further information is available from each of the vocational areas. The only prerequisite of the Scheme is that apprentices have full-time employment in the vocation in which they wish to train.

Who can join the Scheme?

Anyone in full-time employment, over the age of 16, is able to join the scheme. Enrolments can be made at any time of the year, with most courses commencing in September.

Why consider the Apprenticeship Scheme?

An apprenticeship offers an alternative to full-time, post-16 education and allows apprentices to earn whilst they learn, developing skills and knowledge at the same time as gaining formal qualifications in their chosen vocation.

How the scheme supports you

Registered employers – The Scheme has lists of employer of apprentices each of whom has agreed to the terms set out by the Scheme has agreed to receive correspondence from current or prospective apprentices.

Advice and support – The Scheme discuss options with you before or during your apprenticeship, whether you are making a decision on which trade to choose, have an employment issue or maybe have personal circumstances affecting your apprenticeship, the Apprenticeship Scheme Manager can discuss the situation with you.

Grants to employers – As part of the Scheme, employers should pay their apprentices for the hours they train at College. In return, they receive Grant aid every term based on each of their apprentices’ attendance.

Off-island training – Not all apprenticeships are carried out at the Guernsey College of Further Education and are held elsewhere. For these apprenticeships, the Scheme has a budget that pays for part or all of the associated costs of training off-island.

How to get on the scheme

Often, work experience placements can lead to the offer of full-time employment and the possibility of an apprenticeship. Directories of registered employers on the scheme can be provided per vocational sector for individuals seeking employment. These lists are not exhaustive but are updated as new employers register on the scheme. After securing full-time employment, an individual should contact the Apprenticeship Team to enquire about training in their chosen sector. An enrolment form will then need to be completed and, if required, there is the opportunity to speak to members from the vocational team about the apprenticeship provision.

Employers considering taking on an apprentice need to be registered on the scheme. This can be requested by contacting the Apprenticeship Team who will send out an application for registration form and an employer handbook, providing more information on how to join.

Tips for a successful apprenticeship

Think which trade you find interesting – it is worthwhile doing work experience in the trade you are considering before officially
starting the apprenticeship.

Be keen – employers expect their apprentice to be engaged in their work to make it worth their while.

Be prompt – an employer will not appreciate lateness and absence. Be on time to both work and College, keeping your employer happy and ensuring you get the most out of your apprenticeship training.

Do you need Qualifications?

Qualifications required will depend on the vocational sector that you join. Whilst it is desirable to have Maths and English at Grade C (or 4) for most Apprenticeships, it would also depend on the employer’s requirements for those joining their company. Please contact the vocational teams to ascertain the entry prerequisites for your
chosen Apprenticeship.

Sometimes it can be the college course that determines the grades required for a specific trade. For example, an employer looking for an Architectural Technician apprentice will usually ask for GCSE grades A, B or C in maths, English and three other subjects. Another apprenticeship may not require any qualifications. It is important to ascertain this prior to deciding upon your trade.

Finding out more

Should you need further information on the Apprenticeship Scheme or on a particular apprenticeship, please call the Apprenticeship Office  on tel. 737500 or alternatively send an email –

Lecturers at Guernsey College of Further Education (Tel. 727121) will be happy to talk to anyone interested in knowing more about the college training which is involved in a particular apprenticeship.