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Course length

Up to 3 years

Apprenticeship Length

Up to 3 years



Next Enrolment

August 2018, Les Ozouets Campus

Entry requirements

Other criteria

Employed as an apprentice


The Hospitality and Catering course is the City and Guilds Level 2/3 Diploma in Professional Cookery Preparation and Cooking course, the duration of which is held over three years.

The Hospitality and Catering vocation attracts a variety of apprentices from all areas of the trade, whether they are from hotels and restaurants, cafes, brasseries and bistros, the hospital or even nursing homes. The course endeavours to teach them skills relevant to each. If there are certain skills which are less accessible within the current employment of any apprentice, then it is possible for work experience placements to be organised by staff in order for them to gain a wider range of experience therefore enhancing their employability.

In the students first year, they are tutored and trained on the associated practical competencies, in this case ‘the 13 basic cookery methods’ where they will gain competence and skills in readiness for their place of work and in readiness for their move into the second year.

Students (once having completed all of their frequent trade tests in their 1st year) will go on to learn more advanced methods and practices determined by the specific units that they are working on.

There are a number of units which are mandatory and need to be attained to complete and gain a full qualification.

On average students will leave with at least 20 completed units, which are additional modules covered on the course than are required to pass. This therefore gives the students a much wider experience and skill level which will make them more employable and attractive from the employer’s point of view.

Units covered over the three years are as follows:

Mandatory units

Maintain a safe, hygenic and secure working environment

Contribute to effective team work

Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food

Maintain, handle and clean knives

Cook and finish basic fish dishes

Cook and finish basic meat dishes

Cook and finish basic poultry dishes

Cook and finish basic vegetable dishes

Prepare fish for basic dishes

Prepare meat for basic dishes

Prepare poultry for basic dishes

Prepare vegetables for basic dishes

Prepare, cook and finish basic hot and cold sauces

Prepare, cook and finish basic soups

Make basic stock

Prepare shellfish for basic dishes

Cook and finish basic shellfish dishes

Prepare, cook and finish basic bread and dough products

Prepare, cook and finish basic pastry products

Prepare and present food for cold presentation

Prepare, cook and finish basic hot and cold desserts