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Occasionally, the Bailiwick is faced with severe weather events which require a coordinated States of Guernsey approach.  We have been instructed by the States of Guernsey Education Office that no schools or education settings should open on Thursday 2nd November 2023.

The College is therefore closed to all learners, this includes any work experience, off site visits,  and any other outdoor activities relating to the College. Learners are advised to stay at home and complete work set for them by their tutor.

Storm Ciaran is predicted to bring very challenging weather to the Channel Islands. The wind is expected to steadily pick up Wednesday night, the most likely scenario would see mean speeds of storm force 10 by dawn on Thursday, with the potential of gusts up to 95mph, then a gradual decrease to gale force 8 during the afternoon.

Advice given to the general public is to stay at home if possible and not travel unless essential and it is for this reason the College will not open in order to align with the need to stay safe.

The disruption is likely to only last for Thursday 2nd November.

No staff or students should attend any college site during Thursday 2nd November 2023.

In the case of needing to contact the College for any safeguarding concerns please email ( or call 07839 777643 or 07781 197025