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With the three College campuses closed for face-to-face teaching, this page will answer many of your immediate questions and concerns

Why is this happening  ?

To enable social distancing and to help limit the potential for COVID-19 to spread the decision has been made to suspend face-to-face teaching and to close all College campuses for most students.

I am a full-time student. What do I need to do now ?

During this time we want you to continue with your work  and assessments. You will be able to do this remotely  but will not be permitted to attend any of the College campuses. You will be expected to continue completing work towards achievement of your qualifications.

You will be able to contact staff via GCFE Connect, email and Google classroom. The achievement of your qualification remains a priority to us, resources will be available online so that your learning can still happen.

If you need access to IT resources in order to continue with your studies then please contact your tutor ASAP. We have a number of laptops and WiFi hotspot devices that could be made available to you.

Guidance on working from home along with ongoing advice and support will be provided via GCFE Connect and the College website.

I am studying part time. What do I do now?

Please check in with your tutor either by telephone or email to ensure you are comfortable to use our planned online learning and support.  We want to ensure that you are clear what you are learning and know how to keep in touch with us. Your part-time courses will still be available online via Google classroom and other platforms.

Your tutor will tell you exactly what you should be working on and will be available for any questions or support.  We want to ensure, where possible, that you can complete your work as required to achieve your qualification. At the moment we are not amending deadlines for work, although of course this may need to change. Your tutor will advise you on this.

I am an apprentice. What do I do now ?

There are some elements of your teaching and learning that can continue and you will still have access to your tutor for support.

From Monday 23 March 2020:

  • Apprentices will remain in the workplace. You will need to follow any guidance given by your employer regarding attendance at work.
  • Theoretical lessons will still be available online for those in work; each tutor will inform students what is expected.
  • As a College, we will commit to offering catch-up learning as and when we resume face-to-face teaching.
  • The College has strategies in place for those students to complete their qualifications for any apprentice who may become unemployed as a result of the impact of COVID-19
  • English and maths lessons will continue online for first year apprentices.

How do I contact my tutor ? 

College staff will be available to contact via GCFE connect, email and Google classroom. The contact details of relevant tutors is available HERE

What can I do if I am really worried about this situation ?

We recognise that these are very challenging times for us all and that some of our students may have increased anxieties and worries. Please note that our Progress Coach Team continues to work remotely and are available for you.  You can contact them  using GCFE Connect or by emailing

My daughter or son has increased anxiety and I am not sure what to do ?

There is lots of health and well-being advice and guidance available on this document – download here; this coping calendar offers some great suggestions. The Progress Coach team is still contactable using GCFE Connect or by email  in emergency call either of these numbers 07839 777643 or 07839 777649.

What about exams?

We are working with awarding bodies to assess the situation with exams and assessments. We will keep you posted on decisions that are made and explain how we are going to proceed.

What will be happening with work placements or work experience?

At the moment all of these are postponed.

I still have questions ?

Speak to your tutor as they will be your main point of contact throughout the closure. You can email us on  and one of the team will be back in touch.  You can also call 07839 195800 or 07839 234881 if you would like to speak to a member of the college senior management team.

We have sent information to students, employers and parents/carers and will be updating our website as things change.

The main thing is to stay healthy and be sensible about what you are doing, practice social distancing, and good hygiene ……to stay up to date, get all the latest advice from Public Health please visit