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Future Workforce – recruitment event

Following our successful Future Workforce Employer Engagement events, it was identified that local employers wanted direct access to students who were finishing their courses and looking to enter the workplace. Therefore, our aim is to introduce local businesses who have (or will have) vacancies to our students who will be qualified this summer and who are seeking employment, at a structured and targeted event.

We will provide space for employer ‘stands’ where promotional materials about specific vacancies, and their business, can be displayed, and will ensure some ‘quiet spaces/rooms’ are available where students can be spoken to on an individual basis or informal interviews can be held, if this is required.

We will give participating companies the option of sending in details of their specific vacancies before the event, so these can be shared with our students beforehand. We could set up an ‘expression of interest/mini shortlist’ process, where students could be invited to have an informal chat on the day, either on the stand or in one of the quiet spaces/rooms, if it would be helpful.

Students will attend with their tutor or another member of staff.

Event details:

Friday 7 June
10.00am – 2.00pm
Les Ozouets Campus

If any employers would like to attend or find out further details, please contact Charlotte Froome or Katie Blampied on