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How do I apply for a course?

Full-time courses

If you are in year 11 and you attend a high school, your school Careers Teacher will support you in your application for a full-time course.

If you attend one of the independent colleges or have left school, please apply directly to the College by contacting the Programme Leader of the course you are interested in. It is likely that you will be invited into college for a chat about the course and an interview.

A list of specific entry requirements for our full time courses can be downloaded HERE.

Part-time Courses (including Part-time Professional and Adult Community Learning Courses)

We have a wide range of part-time and adult community learning courses available. The prospectus containing course details can be found HERE.

You can apply online via our Course Search page or download and print an application form (for part-time courses) HERE.

Should you have any queries please email