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Positive feedback from Ofsted

The College of Further Education, part of The Guernsey Institute, is celebrating the significant achievement of being rated as ‘good’ in all eight categories of its external inspection. 

The college has been rated as good in Quality of Education, Behaviour and attitudes, Personal development, Leadership and management, Education programmes for young people, Adult learning programmes, Apprenticeships, and Provision for learners with high needs. 

Ofsted’s report highlights that: 

  • Leaders have developed very effective partnerships with a wide range of relevant stakeholders. This ensures they develop curriculums that meet industry needs. 
  • Curriculums are well planned, enabling students and apprentices to develop the new knowledge and skills that they need to be successful at their next stage of learning or employment. 
  • Adult learners are supported to achieve their career and personal goals. 
  • Leaders and managers have sufficient and consistent oversight of the quality of education and training in all provision types. 
  • Apprentices enjoy attending their classes at college. They value the support they receive from their lecturers, which helps them to develop new and complex skills. Apprentices take pride in the work they produce, much of which is of a high standard. 
  • The college has created an inclusive atmosphere where students and apprentices thrive. 
  • Lecturers play a pivotal role in fostering diversity, promoting positive discussions and instilling a sense of community with the college. 
  • Students and apprentices feel safe at college. They build effective working relationships with lecturers, who are positive role models. 

Inspectors also noted that students and apprentices at Coutanchez and Delancey campuses study in ageing and poor-quality accommodation. Ofsted said that some students’ teaching and learning experiences are restricted because of the closure of essential teaching rooms.

However, students studying performing arts at the Les Ozouets campus benefit from studying in high quality dance studios and a theatre. 

The report highlighted that lecturers employ effective teaching methods, using real-world scenarios to encourage discussion and debate, resulting in students acquiring more sophisticated skills over time. The personal development judgement area identified that this enhances students’ confidence, resilience, and awareness of future opportunities. 

The external inspection agreement with Ofsted grades categories from inadequate to requires improvement, good and excellent. 

Dr Louise Misselke, College of Further Education Principal, said: 

“We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Ofsted inspection. This reflects the unwavering commitment of our staff team to our students whatever their age. The report also serves as an ongoing statement of our commitment to the local community in ensuring we both meet the needs of individual students and the needs of our local employers and community. I am so proud of every single member of the college staff for the work they do every day in support of our students despite, at times, the very challenging physical environment of our buildings. I am sure that our community will also be very proud they have a ‘good’ college on their doorstep.” 

Nick Hynes, Director of Education, said: 

“This is an external inspection report that Louise, her team and the whole College of FE community can be rightly proud of. The further education inspection framework judges eight categories and to achieve a good rating across the board is a fantastic achievement. The island should be proud to have a further education college that so successfully meets the needs of an incredibly broad range of stakeholders, from younger students, apprentices, adult learners and the many industries who rely on the college to develop the skilled workforce their business needs.”

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said: 

“As is widely known amongst the community, the College of FE operates from sites that are simply not fit for purpose. While this is noted in the inspection report, with inspectors finding that some students’ teaching and learning experiences are restricted because of the poor quality of facilities, this only further demonstrates how impressive the college’s inspection gradings are. We must collectively ensure The Guernsey Institute receives the support it deserves, so that it can take what is already a fantastic offering and further develop for the benefit of the whole community.” 

Jacki Hughes, Executive Principal of The Guernsey Institute, said: 

“On behalf of The Guernsey Institute we are all proud that such a substantial part of TGI is being recognised externally as contributing so positively to the skills needs of Guernsey. Louise and her whole team do a brilliant job for their students and industry.”

The full report can be read HERE