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Please see below an update on the position regarding this year’s qualifications

This update aims to provide students, parents and carers with clarity about the certification and assessment position relating to the range of qualifications offered at the College. Students should check the position of their qualification carefully via the Qualifications Update Document

We will update this document as things change and when we receive further details.

Due to the Coronavirus, this year students’ work is being graded based on their previous assessments. Students usually finish their course being aware of the grades they have achieved, with these being confirmed on results days in August.

This year, guidance from the awarding organisations is that students should not be informed of the grades they have been awarded at this stage. Therefore Level 3 students will receive their results on Thursday 13 August, and Level 2 students will receive theirs on Thursday 20 August.

Students will be advised of the process for this nearer the time here on our website and one social media.

If students require their overall predicted grades for progression into employment or higher education, they should contact their tutor, who can help with this.