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As a College we embrace social media and recognise the importance of an online presence. However, it is important to stay safe when online and as part of your induction to college you will sign up to an IT users’ acceptance policy.

The e-safety induction will help you to understand the importance, significance and impact of being online and assist you in embracing the technology to enhance your learning experience and future employability skills.

GCFE Connect is our own private social media network. It is only accessible for staff and students registered at the College so you can feel safe when online. The use of GCFE Connect will develop your online awareness, assist with your journey whilst at College and keep you on track with events, activities and your course of study. (it also means you will never be stuck on some College work with nobody about to help).

If you have any concerns or questions regarding e-safety then speak with your Tutor or a member of Learner Support Services.