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Getting to College

The College has three different sites:

Coutanchez Campus

Delancey Campus

Les Ozouets Campus (including the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts)

Depending on your home address and the campus on which you are based, you may be entitled to a Bus Card to enable you to get to College using public transport.

(Check with your tutor or at reception if you feel you may be eligible.)

Cars, Motorbikes, Scooters and Bicycles

There are designated bicycle parks at each of the College campuses and students are responsible for ensuring their bicycle is secured and locked in one of these areas.

Motorbikes and scooters are to be parked in the designated areasand should not be parked in marked parking bays.

Students are entitled to park their car at College however due to the limited parking available at Delancey, campus students are not permitted to park directly on campus and must use the Delancey Park parking area accessed from Mont Morin.

The College does not accept any responsibility for damage to and/or loss of any transport parked on College premises.

Please take care and drive responsibly when on any of the College sites.