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We’re serving up something new!

The Health Improvement Commission has been working with our café catering team, students and staff to develop our food provision. Based on students’ feedback which indicated that they wanted to be able to see the food available and be able to choose from foods that they preferred such as salads, protein and carbohydrate sources, our cafés now have a “build your own” food provision. The Health Improvement Commission has
funded two counters for each of the three campuses, to store, present and serve hot and cold

Community Nutritionist, Alex Kosmas has been working with the café catering team to implement
changes and improve the nutritional options available.

Alex said: “This work has taken a long time to come to fruition as it required input from many people
involved at the College, including students and staff. It’s great to see us take the project to the next
stage and introduce the new set up that is now in use at all campuses. We know that well-presented
food is more attractive which will entice people to purchase foods from the cafes. We also know that
being able to choose the foods that people prefer gives control over what they eat. We plan to build
on this by engaging with the diverse cohorts that attend the College and set realistic aims that will
support them to eat well. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project.”

Louise Misselke, Principal College of Further Education and Executive Director of The Guernsey
Institute is pleased to see both staff and students enjoying the new offering: “Research has shown
that students are able to learn better when they’re well-nourished and eating healthy meals has
been linked to better achievement, improved memory and alertness. We are delighted to have been
able to work closely with the Health Improvement Commission on this project and the new menus
are being enjoyed by both students and staff.”