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Update for year 11 students

Year 11 students will have their offers of post-16 places honoured based on teacher-predicted grades regardless of final grades issued nationally later this week. The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has made this announcement to provide local students with reassurance and certainty amid continuing controversy nationally about public exam results. The Committee’s policy announcement will apply to all offers made to year 11 students by the Sixth Form Centre and Guernsey College of Further Education. The cancellation of this year’s exams has created challenging conditions for all involved. Guernsey does not run its own exams and therefore Bailiwick students have been graded following the same process as students in England. This required teachers to submit their best estimates of the grades each student would have received had exams taken place as normal. Exams regulator Ofqual has adjusted the grades submitted by teachers to try and standardise grades across the cohort and ensure fairness for students in different years. However, there were clear examples nationally following the release of A’ level results last week where individual students had been unfairly disadvantaged through this process and have missed out on university offers through no fault of their own. The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture wants to safeguard against the potential for such examples to occur for students wanting to access post-16 places in the Bailiwick when GCSE and equivalent results are released on Thursday. Matt Fallaize, President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said:

“It is entirely understandable given the current situation that there are anxieties about results for GCSE and equivalent qualifications, which are due to be released on Thursday. Although everyone involved will hope that all students receive grades which they consider to be fair, the Committee does not want our students’ access to post-16 places to be affected by the continuing uncertainty nationally. We are therefore reassuring Year 11 students that in the event that their predicted grades are adjusted downwards they will still be able to progress to their further studies as they intended. This will mean no student is in a situation where they are unable to study their preferred subjects, or to follow their chosen pathway, due to factors beyond their control. “In view of the picture nationally, the Committee believes that for this year it is best to determine entry into the Sixth Form Centre and The Guernsey Institute/Guernsey College of Further Education by relying on the grades students were predicted by their teachers who will have made their predictions fairly and conscientiously.”

Louise Misselke, Principal of Guernsey College of Further Education, said:

“All students who have received offers to study at the College of Further Education will be accepted onto a course in their chosen area of study. Lecturers will look at all relevant information and any retake requests or requirements to help determine which level of study will best support each student.”